Temple Proposal


The Temple of Life is a circular grove of trees sprouting from the desert like an oasis for the soul. 49 trees peak at 100 feet, connected by walkable bridges, and surrounding a large open clearing. An organic cathedral for refection and inspiration, Temple of Life transposes the space between dust and firmament.


The Temple of Life is made up of 49 distinct trees arranged in three concentric rings. Trees in outer ring will be 80’, middle ring 90’, and inner ring 100’ tall. From a distance, the Tree of Life appears to be one large tree. Trees will be an assemblage of branches and thousands of individual leaves. Trees are connected by walkable bridges, allowing visitors to have a winding meditative walk throughout the structure, walking from tree to tree, visiting the small personal cathedral rooms embedded in the second story of most trees.

Concept Art: Courtney Caldwell
Concept Art: Casey Girard

Private Cathedral

Most trees will have a small room in the second story, with a stained-glass window (various artists), small lamps on center post, built-in altars.


While the center grove will be where most offerings are left, there will be a many private nooks throughout the temple, an altar in each cathedral, grooves in every tree and screen.


Inspired by a Labyrinth, walking is featured prominently in design, encouraging meditative walks, weaving through trees, traversing bridges.

Central/Communal Space:

Center clearing is 50’ wide, with a circular opening framing the sky. String lights throughout foliage create intimacy. Screen structures between enclose, block wind, provide more nooks.


Mixed in with the branches will be structural outreaches that connect tree to tree, making what appears to be 49 individual structures into a single super-structure with incredible rigidity, primarily needing only sheer anchoring.

Maquette at Burning Man HQ