“the ground beneath your feet”

October 2021

The origin of this idea was finding out that the walls of CSULB art galleries have plywood backing, making any point on the wall a viable anchor point. To take this idea and multiply it by several hundred strains logic and creates a sense of unease. Knowledge that each and every single anchor point is holding only several pounds doesn’t ease the mind, because while a single plywood anchor point could easily handle much more, the question becomes about the entire wall. Taking it to this logical extreme begins to create questions of the quality of the wall construction and the remaining integrity after years of holes being hammered and patched from countless student installations.

Inspired by Chris Burden’s “Samson”, each step along the platform makes the viewer question if THIS step is the one that tears out the wall. Much like Burden’s “Exposing the Foundation of the Museum” the structure that is usually quietly in the background becomes a key player. With each step, the platform flexes and wobbles. The familiarity of the ground beneath your feet is replaced by a set of unknowns. The participant is only eighteen inches off the ground, but the feeling of danger is heightened by these alien attributes.

  • 276x: Routing Eye Bolts, Trade size 106
  • 4x: 2×4 20’ length
  • 18x: 2×4 8’ length
  • 90x: #10 x 3-1/2 in. Construction Screw
  • 322x: #10 x 1-1/4 in. Construction Screw 
  • 138x: 2.2mm Double Barrel Copper Crimp
  • 60 yards: 400lbs Test Monofilament
  • 5x: 4’x8’ ½” Plywood Sheet